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Dispatches From the Cape

Below, you’ll discover insider tips, staff favorites, and advice on how to make the most of your time at Cape Eleuthera.

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History, Nature, and Adventure

When Captain William Sayles in the 1600s discovered the island of Eleuthera and shipwrecked at Devil Backbone, he and his crew camped inside Preacher’s Cave for safety.

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A Beach That Will Take Your Breath Away

If you are looking to experience one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas, and arguably the entire world, then you will want to make the journey to see Lighthouse Beach at the southernmost point of Eleuthera.

View of a father teaching his son to fishing

Fun for the Active Vacationer

Some of the best things about a vacation at Cape Eleuthera Resort are the ample opportunities to explore and engage in fun-filled beach activities in the delightful Bahamian weather.

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New Year, New You

Now that we have fully entered a new year, and even a decade, it is time to finally start living up to those new year’s resolutions.

Side view of the glass window on a lovely day

Take a Glance from the Gorgeous Glass Window Bridge

The Glass Window Bridge is one of the most incredible natural sights in all of the Caribbean. One of the things that make the Glass Window Bridge so unique is that you can see the beautiful Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Bight of Eleuthera on the other side.

Aerial view of beautiful seashore

Check Out the Cathedral

The cave that simply goes by The Cathedral is smaller than the more well-known Preacher’s Cave, but it offers visitors a more unique and interesting cave experience.

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Unbelievable Experiences at the Island School

Guests of the Cape Eleuthera Resort have the unique opportunity to participate in an interesting variety of “Island School Experiences” during their stay.

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Helping Hands

When Hurricane Dorian made landfall earlier this month, it caused unprecedented damage throughout the Bahamas, especially the islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco.

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Bahamian Bash

Every year, the Ministry of Tourism holds an event at the end of August called the Goombay Summer Festival.

A group of friends celebrating at the beach

Celebration in Bannerman Town

When you visit a new place for the first time, it can be fun and interesting to seek out authentic experiences by interacting with the people who live there.

View of two big pineapples at the beach

Celebrate Pineapple

There is simply nothing like taking a big bite out of a juicy, ripe piece of pineapple. When the fruit has reached the perfect point, it's incredibly sweet and simply delicious.

View of a wonderful hummingbird at the national park

Explore a National Park

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve is the island of Eleuthera’s first national park. It was created by Shelby White as a memorial for her husband, Leon Levy.

View of a beautiful swimming hole with clear water and surrounded by trees

Adventure in the Swimming Hole

Imagine jumping into the beautiful blue waters of an inland ocean, or swimming hole, and being surrounded by friendly aquatic life.

A happy couple doing kayak on a sunny day

Chart Your Own Adventure

During your stay at the Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina, there are many sights to see and a variety of ways to see them.

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Beautiful Bahamas Biking

If you consider yourself an active vacationer, then you will be pleased to find out that there is an incredible bike trail located extremely close to the Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina.

A girl wearing a snorkel mask, holding starfish

Fun for the Whole Family

During your stay at the Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina, you will find that there are plenty of activities to keep your entire family entertained, even the little ones.

View of a man wearing a colorful traditional costume at the bahamian boxing day

Bahamian Boxing Day

Junkanoo is one of the largest parties and celebrations that takes place in the entire Bahamas every year.

View of a man fishing on the sea

Fish the Cape

Because of the unique location of Cape Eleuthera, there are a wide variety of fishing opportunities for you to enjoy. The local fishermen specialize in spearfishing, and you will enjoy the challenge as well if you are up for it.