The Island School
The Island School

The Island School campus is a mile down the road from Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina on land donated by the Cape. The Island School offers transformative educational semester and summer term programs for high school sophomores and juniors from around the world. 

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Along with tours of The Island School’s campus, which we currently offer to our guests, our guests are able to participate in various "Island School Experiences."

All excursions with the School need to be coordinated with guest services prior to or upon your arrival.
For more information email Grayson Morris, or call (242) 334-8500.

  • Coral Reef

    Join our reef team, led by Cape Eleuthera Institute research scientists, for a guided snorkel to learn about the beauty and importance of corals and reef restoration research. This activity can be shore based or may involve a boat ride.

  • Sea Turtles

    Join our sea turtle team, lead by a CEI research scientist, to survey turtles and learn more about their habitat use and ecology. This activity involves snorkeling for those who want to but will involve a boat ride.

  • Stingrays

    Join our stingray team, lead by a CEI research scientist, to survey and capture stingrays. This activity involves a boat ride, wading up to waist deep and foot protection is necessary.

  • Sharks

    Join one of our CEI research scientists on the shark team in setting coastal survey lines and obtain important data on sharks. The activity involves going offshore in a small boat with the opportunity to snorkel and free dive.

  • Permaculture

    Join our team at the Center for Sustainable Development as they work on environmental management of our campus: water supply harvested via rainwater, one of the largest renewable energy systems in the country, and the biodiesel production facility.



With their campus and the ocean as their laboratory and with the help of their neighbors at Cape Eleuthera Institute (CEI), The Island School teaches its students how to live sustainably in the 21st century. In support of the School’s and CEI’s commitment to sustainability, Cape Eleuthera has partnered with them on various projects and initiatives. 


  • Solar Energy

    In partnership with the Island School and the Center for Sustainable Development, The Cape installed the first commercial solar project on the Island of Eleuthera to power our utility building, our single biggest user of electricity at the resort. The project went live in early February, and we are already seeing great results. We are exploring additional solar projects for other areas of the resort with the Island School/CSD and may move forward with the next one later this year.

    View energy production from our utility building solar array—pretty cool to see sustainability in action!

  • Blue Marlin Lane
    & The Grove

    The Cape and our friends at Cape Eleuthera Institute designed two self-sustaining residential communities—Blue Marlin Lane and The Grove:

    • Each house must incorporate renewable energy generation equipment into the building design.
    • The owner may decide whether to use solar, wind, or other sustainable power generation methods
    • Owners are encouraged to use solar thermal collectors for hot water.
    • Each house must use a cistern to capture rainwater for irrigation and potable water uses.
    • Houses must be designed to maximize natural cooling from the wind and lighting from the sun.

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